About Suzanne

Hello everyone!

My name is Suzanne Tanner. I am proud to be an elementary principal in Georgia.  I have been a public school educator for more than 25 years. I enjoyed the rewards and challenges of teaching elementary school for ten years before pursuing school administration. I spent most of my teaching years in third grade. I loved teaching reading and math. I served as assistant principal for three years and am completing my 12th year as elementary principal. Now I love teaching teachers about technology.

  • Experience as a Teacher:  10 years in K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th (self-contained homeroom teacher, multi-grade teacher, remedial reading/math teacher)
  • Experience as an Administrator: 15 years total as Elementary Assistant Principal and then Elementary Principal

I had the distinct privilege of working at the same school as student teacher, teacher, and administrator. I pursued the principalship in order to spend more time engaged in areas I A couple of years ago, I was named as principal of a different PreK-5th elementary school. After 21 years in the same school, I joined a new staff and student body (of 900+) within my school system. God planned many exciting adventures for me.

My own education has included bachelor’s and master’s degrees in elementary teaching, as well as master’s and education specialist degrees in Educational Leadership. I’ve been married for 21 years to a musician and God blessed us with one child.

In the diminishing spare time educators seem to have these days, I really enjoy:

  • reading books (now on my Kindle App),
  • mastering new forms of technology (web 2.0 always has new things to learn),
  • walking (clears the head and helps the body),
  • spending time with dear friends (especially those who I’ve worked with so closely)
  • praising the Lord (have a great church family and my husband is the praise band leader)
  • relaxing on the beach (only a couple of hours from the Atlantic or the Gulf).

I wish God’s blessings on your endeavors to be the best educator you can be!


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